Cake Batter Fudge

I’ve always been a big fan of batter. Cookie dough, cake batter, all forms. I often do so much tasting while baking, that by the end, I don’t want to eat the end result. Well, I have a solution: make the end result taste like the batter. Introducing Cake Batter Fudge!

It truly tastes like cake batter and looks so much fun. I generally don’t make anything that involves cake mixes because I like to make things from scratch, but I needed a quick dessert to pull together after working all day for a sangria and dessert cocktail party. And this recipe was perfect!

Also, sorry for the lack of posts on the blog the last week. Between the puppy, school, and wedding planning, I’ve been just a bit busy. The next couple weeks are going to be even crazier so I’m going to take a short break, but I’ll get back to my usual posts as soon as I can. In the meantime, make yourself some cake batter fudge!

cakebatterfudge8 cakebatterfudge7

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Lentil Bolognese Pasta

As I write this post on Sunday night, it is 14 degrees outside and snow is forecasted for the next three days. So, what better meal to make than pasta bolognese? If you are vegetarian or want to be healthy, this is a great alternative. It is delicious and so fulfilling. You can serve it on pappardelle pasta or brown rice, depending on how healthy you want to be.


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Healthy (and still delicious) Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I’ve mentioned before, I am usually hesitant about making “healthy” desserts because if I’m going to have dessert, I want it to be delicious. But I decided to try these because they involve peanut butter and maple syrup, two things I love. And while you can tell these are not the usual cookies, they are still so great, especially if you’re trying to cut back on the super indulgent desserts after all the candy and chocolate you likely ate for Valentine’s Day!

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Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate

I love oatmeal raisin cookies, but sometimes it’s fun to change them up slightly. These are delicious with the sour cranberries, pecans, and the extra white chocolate. Plus with the red and white they’d be perfect to make for friends or family for Valentine’s Day!

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Thanksgiving Style Meatballs

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the holidays as we enter another cold month, these turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce are perfect for you. They are hearty enough to be satisfying as a winter meal, while also helping to remind you of how excited you are about Thanksgiving 2015. I served these as an appetizer but you could also serve them with a salad for dinner.


Also, apologies for the less than awesome photos. I made these for our holiday party (when I made around 15 dishes in two days pretty much by myself), so I didn’t have a ton of time to devote to photos! But I promise they’re delicious!

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Super Bowl Snack Ideas

Making classic snack appetizers has become a favorite hobby of mine. They’re generally simple, always a big crowd pleaser, and just look fun. By classic snacks, I mean things like corn dogs, pretzels, popcorn, nachos, mini pizzas, mini mac & cheeses, mini pot pies, etc. So for those of you attending a Super Bowl party this Sunday and who agreed to bring an appetizer, here is the recipe for my new favorite one – the mini corn dog, and links to a few other ideas!


Other ideas:
– Tater tots
– Chocolate covered potato chips
– Jalapeño popper cheesy garlic bread
– Mini pizza bites and mini pot pies from my blog

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Chickpea Cauliflower Salad with Lemon-Dijon Dressing

I must be obsessed with cauliflower this winter because when doing some research for new recipes, I picked 4 separate recipes that all included cauliflower and chickpeas. I’ve only made one of them so far, but it was delicious, so I think I’ll be making the others soon.

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A Healthier Approach to Dessert – Cobbler

If you’re like me and are trying to start 2015 off on a healthier path, but you also can’t completely give up on dessert, then cobbler is always the way to go. However, some cobbler recipes end up adding too much sugar and undo the healthy aspect of a fruit based dessert. Here is a version that tries to cut down on the sugar. Plus, the recipe makes 6 servings so you won’t have too much left over. You could even halve the recipe if you just want 2-3 servings. For a more traditional cobbler, see here.

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Mini Pizza Bites

It’s winter time. So of course, regardless of New Year’s resolutions, we all want warm comfort food, especially for those of us who have been suffering below freezing temperatures. If you want to make some simple pizza bites, this is a delicious and very easy recipe. I served these at our holiday party, and sadly for me, there were no leftovers. So if you’re serving them at a party, you may want to double the recipe!


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