Thanksgiving Style Meatballs

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the holidays as we enter another cold month, these turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce are perfect for you. They are hearty enough to be satisfying as a winter meal, while also helping to remind you of how excited you are about Thanksgiving 2015. I served these as an appetizer but you could also serve them with a salad for dinner.


Also, apologies for the less than awesome photos. I made these for our holiday party (when I made around 15 dishes in two days pretty much by myself), so I didn’t have a ton of time to devote to photos! But I promise they’re delicious!

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Super Bowl Snack Ideas

Making classic snack appetizers has become a favorite hobby of mine. They’re generally simple, always a big crowd pleaser, and just look fun. By classic snacks, I mean things like corn dogs, pretzels, popcorn, nachos, mini pizzas, mini mac & cheeses, mini pot pies, etc. So for those of you attending a Super Bowl party this Sunday and who agreed to bring an appetizer, here is the recipe for my new favorite one – the mini corn dog, and links to a few other ideas!


Other ideas:
– Tater tots
– Chocolate covered potato chips
– Jalapeño popper cheesy garlic bread
– Mini pizza bites and mini pot pies from my blog

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Mini Pizza Bites

It’s winter time. So of course, regardless of New Year’s resolutions, we all want warm comfort food, especially for those of us who have been suffering below freezing temperatures. If you want to make some simple pizza bites, this is a delicious and very easy recipe. I served these at our holiday party, and sadly for me, there were no leftovers. So if you’re serving them at a party, you may want to double the recipe!


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Kale Bruschetta

It’s actually surprising that I don’t post more recipes about kale because I really LOVE kale. I literally eat it everyday. But here is a new take on it. This bruschetta is easy to make, and I serve it on toasted bread on top of a layer of low-fat cream cheese or goat cheese (we tried both and both are great).

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Classic Gazpacho

It’s finally starting to feel slightly more like spring outside. Just slightly. But still, it already has me dreaming of all of the warm weather foods I treasure eating each spring and summer. I keep dreaming of rooftop BBQs. No I mean it, I actually wake up thinking about throwing parties outside in the sun with fun food. Yes, I know, I have a problem. Anyways, one of the food items I love making each summer is gazpacho. Here’s a simple recipe you can make yourself for dinner or serve as an appetizer at your next outdoor dinner party. I’ve also previously posted a spicy cucumber gazpacho recipe if you crave spice in your life.


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Mini 7-Layer Dips

Next up in my Wednesday party appetizer posts: 7-Layer Dip. I live for 7-Layer Dip. I love bringing it to parties, and end up eating most of it. But, after a few people dig in, it starts to look messy, and kind of gross. So how do you solve this problem? You put them in individually sized cups. Plus, they’re so festive looking.

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Fig Spread with Whipped Goat Cheese on Toasted Bread

Who doesn’t love a fig newton? Ok maybe not everybody, but I do. My dad always ate them, so I grew up eating them all the time. This fig spread is sort of like the appetizer version of a fig newton. Plus, this is so easy to make and you can make extra to freeze and have on hand for a last minute wine and cheese party.


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Mini Pot Pies

During January and February, I tried to use my Wednesday posts to give you a healthy and easy weeknight dinner recipe (with one week where I cheated and posted a quesadilla recipe, oops). For the next month, to gear up for all of the outdoor parties we will all hopefully be having soon, I’m going to post some of my favorite party appetizer recipes. First up, mini pot pies.


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Easy Parmesan Knots – Perfect Party Snack

This weekend is Oscar weekend, which I look forward to every year. In its honor, I wanted to post one of my new favorite party foods just in case you’re having an Oscar party. I have a tendency to try to make way too much food at my parties, so I always like to have one or two things on the list that take very little effort. And not only do these knots take no time – they’re delicious!!

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