Summer Drink Time!

So this weekend is my five year college reunion. A lot has changed in the five years since I graduated from Hamilton College. One of the ways I’ve changed is I’ve really upped the caliber of cocktails I drink. In college, partly because we lived in upstate NY and weren’t going out to cool bars with trendy drinks and partly just because we were poor and lazy, there was a lot of vodka/Crystal Light combinations, and sadly even some Andre. So in honor of being back at college this weekend, I have two fun and classy summer cocktails to drink this summer.


Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer
Fill each glass half full with lemonade
Fill another quarter of the glass with seltzer
Add 1 shot vodka
Top with fresh raspberries


Frozen Peach Lemonade
Fill the bottom of a blender with lemonade (about 1/2 cup-3/4 cup)
Add three to four large handfuls of frozen peaches
Add two splashes of seltzer (I used Diet Sprite)
Blend the ingredients. Pour in a glass, and top with a shot or two of vodka. Mix and serve immediately.


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