My Favorite Meal of the Week – Short Ribs

So I know it probably seems like I have a lot of favorite foods, but the following recipe is one of those things that I LOVE to order at restaurants. But until this spring, I had never tackled making it myself (and by myself, I mean Dave did all the work and I assisted). The dish I am referring to is short ribs.

I love short ribs (sorry to my vegetarian readers). But seriously, the way the meat just melts in your mouth, it’s amazing. And I was kind of afraid that when we made them ourselves they would’t live up to the excellent quality of Blue Duck Tavern (an awesome restaurant in DC), but our version was absolutely just as good.

I think the trick is buying excellent meat. We got ours from a butcher at Eastern Market, and I definitely recommend trying to go to a local butcher and not just your generic grocery store. But just a warning, these are not easy to make. There’s a reason they are delicious, they’ve been cooked for hours. So only tackle this recipe if you’re willing to log some hours in the kitchen. But seriously, do it. It’s worth it. You’ll not only savor every bite, but you’ll seriously impress your guests. I promise!!

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