Holiday Gift Ideas

After several years of shopping for my kitchen, I am starting to get to a point where I don’t regularly get to the middle of a recipe only to realize I don’t have the right utensils. But this has taken time and many trips to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Amazon. So in honor of the upcoming holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen tools (and some of the ones still on my wish list) to help any of you who are doing shopping for fellow baking/cooking friends.

My favorites:

1. Silicone baking sheets (this is the brand I have)

2. Lots of spatulas because you really can’t have too many (I’m really picky and these are similar to my favorites)

3. If your gift recipient uses an iPad for cooking, an iPad stand is really helpful (Frontgate doesn’t carry the one I got last year, but this one is a fancier version of mine)

4. Ceramic tupperware because the ones I just bought myself for Thanksgiving have been coming in handy (I got a Corningware set at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

5. A cake knife (I bought a quirky one similar to this and then I also received this really useful one)

6. Cookie cutters because it’s something people never think to buy, but they come in handy if you start baking a lot (I got this set at Amazon and have already used it for pinecone cakes, scones, and donuts)

7. Containers to store flour and sugar on the counter (I found three different sized ones at HomeGoods, but this is really similar to the style of mine)

8. Pastry brushes (mine has a wood handle like this one)

9. Cake stands (I would recommend going to HomeGoods for these because they have a great selection at low prices)

10. While this may sound silly, toothpicks come in handy when baking and I bet a lot of people don’t buy them, but just keep using clean silverware to test if things are done

11. A stainless steal spatula because these are great for getting sticky cookies off the counter or cookie sheet (mine is from Williams-Sonoma)

12. Cake frosting tools (I have a knife similar to this and a bowl scraper like this)

13. Pastry scraper (someone gave me this one from Williams-Sonoma)

14. A rolling pin is essential to make some of the recipes on my blog (I have a tapered wood one from Williams-Sonoma, but I would recommend one like this)

My wish list:

1. Double broiler for baking

2. New measuring cups and bowls because I think its time I upgrade from my ugly plastic ones (Anthropologie has some really pretty ones)

3. The new Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (I also saw it at Costco back in November)

4. The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Cookbook 


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