My Favorite Meal of the Week – Ceviche

Ceviche is one of those things I’ve only more recently started to like. For a long time, I avoided almost all seafood. This really only ended when my parents took me to Turks and Caicos for Christmas and I realized that if I was going to eat anything on the trip, I really needed to start enjoying fish. So while I was home this summer, I got my dad to make his famous ceviche. And I have to say, I deserve no credit for this recipe. I just simply sat back, photographed the steps, and then ate the amazing food.


Recipe adapted from here.

2/3 cup fresh lime juice + 2 tablespoons (that’s a lot of limes, we bought two of the bags at TJ’s)
1 pound mahi mahi (you could also do scallops cut into small pieces)
2 chilies, seeded and chopped
1 red onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, smashed
1 small sweet potato
3 ears of corn (make sure they are sweet)
2 avocados, cut into small squares
Kosher salt
Handful of cilantro and parsley, chopped

Note: we served ours with tortilla chips, but you could also serve it in tortillas or just by itself.

1. To get started, squeeze your limes. This always takes longer than you think. Place the lime juice into a bowl, leaving out two tablespoons for later.


2. Prepare your fish. Some butchers or fish shops will cut off the skin or debone the fish for you. But if not, cut off the skin and any sort of red or gray parts, and cut the fish into small cubes, about 1/2 inch big. Place the fish into the lime. Add the chilies, garlic, and chopped onion and set it in the fridge to marinate. We let it sit for 4 hours before adding anything else.





3. Once the fish has sat in the lime juice for several hours, drain the liquid.


4. Wash the sweet potato and prick it with a fork, and then microwave for 5 minutes until it is soft. Cut the sweet potato in half and cut the inside into small pieces. Add to the fish.

5. Microwave the corn for about 3 minutes, with the husk on. Cut the kernels off and place into the bowl. Add the avocados. Season with salt, cilantro, and parsley. Add the additional lime juice that you had in reserves at this point. Now serve with chips, tortillas, or just with a fork.





One thought on “My Favorite Meal of the Week – Ceviche

  1. Peruvian ceviche ends at step four, and normally the fish is left in the lime for 3 -5 minutes and then served. Sweet potato and corn is on the side. Draining the liquid and avocado is sacrilege. But looks great!

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