Lemon Sorbet with Strawberries

Sometimes when it is hot outside, all you want to eat is something cold. And if you’re me, you want that something cold to also be sweet. However, I no longer eat ice cream (I’m mostly dairy free), so my cold dessert options are slightly limited. I have made popsicles in the past which are always fun, but this weekend I bought a pint of lemon sorbet and topped it with some mashed strawberries. The other great thing about this easy dessert is that it is a great way to use strawberries that are slightly past their prime. The strawberries still tasted great but had started to get a bit soft, so they were perfect for this!

And, if you’re trying to think of fun red, white, and blue desserts for the 4th of July, this would be perfect topped with a few blueberries. You could even do a couple of alternating layers, creating a pretty parfait design in a mason jar!



Lemon sorbet
1 cup mashed strawberries
Optional: Handful of blueberries


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