Strawberry Basil Sangria

Much to my dismay, summer is rapidly coming to an end. Technically, you could continue drinking sangria into the fall. But for me, there is something so summery and refreshing about it, that I find myself trying to find as many excuses as possible to have sangria before the outdoor dinner parties and BBQs come to an end. I made this for the first time on the 4th of July, and it was so good, I made it again two days later when friends came over to hang at the pool. The unique mix of sweetness and basil keeps it light and refreshing. I recommend making this the day before (doing everything except for adding the club soda), to help strengthen the flavor.

P.S. Sorry for the less than stellar photos. Apparently, I was so excited to enjoy this beverage that I failed to adequately photograph it.

Recipe adapted from here.

1/2 pound strawberries, chopped
1 apple, chopped
1 handful fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 cup blueberries
1 bottle white wine
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup white grape juice
1 cup club soda

1. The day/night before you want to drink this, get started by placing all of the fruit and the basil in a large container. I used a tupperware and then transferred it to a pitcher to serve. Once you have all of the fruit in whatever container you are using, add the wine, sugar, and grape juice. Mix well to dissolve the sugar. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

strawbasilsangria2 strawbasilsangria4 strawbasilsangria5 strawbasilsangria3

2. Add the club soda right before serving.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Basil Sangria

  1. yum yum! I forget, do you grow your own basil, or do you buy it fresh? I’m trying to grow my own, but it’s quickly dying :-(

    • We grow it. Last year we planted seeds and it didn’t do as well. This year I bought a plant one at Home Depot and it has been doing really well all summer. Finally starting to slow down with the heat, but still producing. Good luck! If you do end up buying fresh basil at the store, I recommend storing it in a cup on the counter with enough water to keep the stems wet. Keeps it fresher longer!

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