Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream (Made with Bananas)

You may be noticing a funfetti theme here. And you know what, I’m not ashamed of it. Who doesn’t love something with bright multi-colored sprinkles in it. But the best part about this recipe is the fact that it is made with bananas. I know what you’re thinking – “Ok, then it must be disgusting. Why would I eat it?” Well, yes, you’re right, it’s not the same as ice cream. BUT it still tastes delicious in its own way (and you can trust me because normally I’m a doubter when people try to make desserts healthy).

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New Favorite Dinner

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I find easy healthy recipes that I like and then I tend to make them a LOT for dinner on weeknights. This is a new discovery, and we’ve already made it three times. In addition to being delicious, it all cooks in one pan and makes for easy clean up. Plus, you can alter the toppings to your liking, and can also serve it in tortillas if you want to make tacos. So go ahead, make it once. And I promise you’ll start making it all the time!

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Mini 7-Layer Dips

Next up in my Wednesday party appetizer posts: 7-Layer Dip. I live for 7-Layer Dip. I love bringing it to parties, and end up eating most of it. But, after a few people dig in, it starts to look messy, and kind of gross. So how do you solve this problem? You put them in individually sized cups. Plus, they’re so festive looking.

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Chocolate Mousse

There’s this restaurant in Carmel, California, that has the world’s most amazing chocolate mousse. It comes in this big pot with spoons to share and it is to die for. I didn’t know I liked chocolate mousse until I had it at this restaurant (La Bicyclette in case you’re ever in the area). So I’ve been wanting to try to make it myself. This mousse I made didn’t have the same consistency, but it was just as chocolate-y and delicious.


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