My Favorite Meal of the Week – Paradise Bowls Copycat

When I was in Santa Barbara last summer, we discovered this fantastic breakfast place called Backyard Bowls. Since I avoid dairy and eggs, I often struggle to find healthy breakfast options when traveling (and quite often end up eating granola bars I snuck in my purse or baked goods). But this place was perfect for me. It had these bowls with blended fruit, oatmeal, açai berries, and fresh fruit on top.

I had yet to come across another similar place until I was in Manhattan Beach for a wedding two weeks ago. On a morning walk, I spotted a man walking on the street with a bowl that said Paradise Bowls and after some googling (and a little bit of stalking) I found the place. Their bowls were slightly different than those I’d had in Santa Barbara – they had granola instead of oatmeal – but they were still delicious.  This time I decided to come home and try to recreate what I had at Paradise Bowls.

Their version:

My version:


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Maple Honey Granola

For those of you who read my Easter brunch post, you know that I served mini yogurt and granola parfaits. I decided to do them because I felt like I had to have at least one healthy breakfast item, just in case anyone didn’t feel like indulging. Below is the recipe for the granola. It was delicious, and I even made it again this weekend. I love taking a little bag of it to work to munch on.