Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

When it comes to sugar cookies, there are good ones and bad ones. My favorite happen to be the ones you find in a grocery store that are light and fluffy, and a little bit thicker.

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make cookies for everyone I know here in DC and had looked at tons of recipes trying to find one that would give me this perfect end product. I ended up settling on the “Olinger family recipe” with a few small tweaks. My coworker had brought her family cookies in at the holidays, and I had fond memories. And I wasn’t let down! They were a big hit!


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Happy Holidays – “Gingerbread” Houses

Just wanted to get in one more post before I head out to California. But don’t worry, after a week in CA, I’ll be back with lots more delicious baked goods (many of which will probably go against some of your New Year’s resolutions, but oh well).

This past week, I have been squeezing in a few of my favorite holiday traditions—ice skating in the sculpture garden, watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie, eating lots of holiday cookies, and making gingerbread houses!

While many of you may imagine gingerbread houses made with, you know, actual gingerbread, I’m here to show you my version. It’s called graham crackers. YES. It’s cheaper, easier to buy, and well just really awesome. This is how I grew up doing it, and I’ve kept the tradition alive in DC. This year, my two awesome friends, Kelsey and Colleen, hosted the party. Between the amazing quesadillas and the 20 bowls of candy, it was pretty fantastic.

This is how my house turned out:

For any of you who want to make your own at home, I’ve included the recipe below for frosting, and a list of some of our favorite candy. And come on, I know you’re looking at mine thinking, “Wow, I could never do that!” I’m here to tell you, yes you can – just use the gumdrops. Great structural design.
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