It Is Almost Summer Time…

With each season, I get excited for certain things I get to start making. With summer, I get excited for strawberries. My absolute, hands down favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. I have loved this dessert for a very long time. Anything strawberry rhubarb is a close second as well.

So now that we’re starting to get good strawberries, I wanted to share some of my favorite summer desserts. And over the course of the summer, I’ll try to get a bunch of step by step recipes of my own up on the blog.

1) Strawberry Rhubarb Bars – My version is pictured below


2) Lemon Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting and Strawberries (see my post here) – Dave’s version for my birthday last year is pictured below, as well as one I just made today for a friend’s birthday



3) Strawberry Rhubarb Pies and Cobblers – Some of mine from last summer are pictured below



4) American Flag Cakes (see my post here) – Mine from last year’s Fourth of July is pictured below


5) And finally, Strawberry Shortcake (See my adaption here) –


2 thoughts on “It Is Almost Summer Time…

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