My Favorite Meal of the Week – Grilled Cheese Bar

In my opinion, the all-American meal is a grilled cheese with a cup of tomato soup. Not sure why, it just is. It’s also the best comfort food! For the birthday party I threw back in June, I was trying to do really fresh, all-American food because the guest of honor had just returned from a month long stint in the Middle East. And so of course I had to serve grilled cheeses. The hard part is that these are obviously best when hot. So I set up all of the ingredients, and then let people make their own on a little George Foreman Grill. I also had a pot of tomato soup warming on the stove, that people could ladle into small cups to eat with the sandwiches.


Bread, cut into halves (we did Texas Toast from Trader Joe’s)
Cheese slices (above are Muenster, Colby Jack, and Cheddar, but do whatever you like best)
Apple slices, optional
Caramelized onions, optional
Tomato slices, optional
Bacon, optional
Cooking spray to spray the grill
1 box of tomato soup

1. Put out all of the ingredients on a plate. Warm the tomato soup on the stove. Warm the Foreman grill.


2. I’d recommend having a sign out for people, like the one below. Have bowls, or cups out for people to ladle the tomato soup into.


3. And you’re done! That’s all it takes to make a grilled cheese bar.


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