Chickpea Cauliflower Salad with Lemon-Dijon Dressing

I must be obsessed with cauliflower this winter because when doing some research for new recipes, I picked 4 separate recipes that all included cauliflower and chickpeas. I’ve only made one of them so far, but it was delicious, so I think I’ll be making the others soon.

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A Healthier Approach to Dessert – Cobbler

If you’re like me and are trying to start 2015 off on a healthier path, but you also can’t completely give up on dessert, then cobbler is always the way to go. However, some cobbler recipes end up adding too much sugar and undo the healthy aspect of a fruit based dessert. Here is a version that tries to cut down on the sugar. Plus, the recipe makes 6 servings so you won’t have too much left over. You could even halve the recipe if you just want 2-3 servings. For a more traditional cobbler, see here.

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Mini Pizza Bites

It’s winter time. So of course, regardless of New Year’s resolutions, we all want warm comfort food, especially for those of us who have been suffering below freezing temperatures. If you want to make some simple pizza bites, this is a delicious and very easy recipe. I served these at our holiday party, and sadly for me, there were no leftovers. So if you’re serving them at a party, you may want to double the recipe!


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Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

So each year for our holiday party, I like to find as many delicious recipes for mini food and mini desserts as possible. Last year’s mini eggnog cheesecakes were a big hit, so I thought I would do another mini cheesecake. I settled on this mini Oreo cheesecake recipe because they looked so cute with the small Oreo on top. Warning: As I mentioned last year, mini cheesecakes are not exactly an easy dessert to make. The recipe isn’t too complicated, but they’re time consuming. But trust me, these taste delicious so they’re probably worth the extra effort!

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Welcome back!


I hope your 2015 is off to a good start! The last two months have been pretty eventful in my household. Dave and I got engaged at the end of November and then flew to California to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. The engagement buzz was short lived because upon returning to DC, I spent the next two weeks studying nonstop. However, eventually finals ended, and I can now say I am officially halfway through law school. Plus, I got to celebrate the end of finals by throwing our third annual holiday party (photos below).

I planned to resume posting to the blog in mid-December, but after the engagement and finals, I crashed, got the flu, and then proceeded to spend the rest of my holiday vacation taking a true break from all responsibilities (except wedding planning, obviously). I spent the majority of my time in sweats or pajamas, saw 6 new release movies (favorites: Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game), and listened to Serial (if you haven’t participated in this craze yet, do it immediately).

But now I’m back in DC, and classes begin tomorrow, so I figured it’s time to get back to the blog! Plus we just got a puppy named Wally (the most adorable goldendoodle ever, see below), so I’m spending a lot of time with him at home and am able to do some writing. So here’s to lots of fun and exciting times in 2015! First recipe post will be up on Sunday (hint: it will involve lots of sugar).

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Mini Pecan Pies

If you’re starting to plan your Thanksgiving menu, be sure to add these to the list. I made them for a friend’s birthday recently, and will be making them again for Thanksgiving because they were so good (and so easy).

As a result of the upcoming finals season, this post will be the last until I come out on the other side (and am then officially half way done with law school). I will be back in mid-December. Happy holidays everyone!

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The Perfect Sunday Morning Brunch

We have recently started a new Sunday brunch routine. We still make our smoothies right when we wake up because, well let’s be honest, we’re totally addicted. But later in the morning, usually around lunch time, we make a breakfast hash that is healthy but filling enough to get us through the rest of the afternoon, and leaves leftovers for Sunday dinner or Monday lunch.

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