Pita Bread

So today’s post is for pita bread. And while this is delicious by itself, it goes really well with the Greek salad post that is going up this Wednesday. So I highly recommend making them together. We’ve been making this in big batches and eating it for lunch all week.

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Harvest Bowl

As summer produce comes to an end, it gets harder and harder to make interesting salads. But so far, I’ve still been able to find good broccoli, corn, and tomatoes in the store. This salad is very easy to make, but has enough different flavors in it to keep it interesting. Plus, it is very easy to make in advance and then eat all week if you’re busy!

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PB&J Bars

Yes, you read that title correctly. This is a recipe to turn your favorite childhood sandwich into a dessert bar. So go stock up on your favorite peanut butter, and make this recipe. And don’t try to be healthy and buy the healthy peanut butter. Give into your childish tendencies and buy the Jiffy or Skippy peanut butter. We all know it tastes so much better!!


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Coconut Granola

I love making a big batch of granola on the weekend because it then gives me something to eat all week for breakfast that simply involves pouring it into a bowl and adding some milk (almond milk in my case). This recipe uses coconut oil, which perhaps was done by the original source to make it vegan, but for me, I just love the taste of coconut and how light it keeps this granola. It’s Sunday morning still, so go on, make yourself some granola, and you’ll be thanking me every day this week ahead as you enjoy it for breakfast!

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Burrito Bowl

I eat Mexican food in every form. Literally, I live for anything with a bean, corn, salsa, guacamole combo. This is my latest iteration of a Mexican dish, and quite frankly, I think it is the healthiest version so far. The base is cauliflower rice, which is literally cauliflower and seasoning. I haven’t been keeping count, but I think we’ve made this dish once a week since I discovered the recipe in July.

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Lemon Lime Skillet Cookie

Feel like zesting up your life? This dessert is full of lemon and lime zest. And the best part about this dish is that you could eat it right out of the skillet if you were just cooking it for yourself or your family. I chose to take the dish to a dinner party, which made cutting it up and removing it from the skillet slightly difficult, but it is totally worth it.


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