Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with Nutella Frosting

If you’re like me, you can eat Nutella by the spoonful straight from the jar. But sometimes, it’s fun to eat it in a slightly more socially acceptable form. So turn it into a frosting and then put a large dollop between two chocolate chip cookies. I made these and piled them up to create an unconventional “birthday cake.” But these would also be great for any upcoming holiday parties you have.

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Asparagus and Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potatoes are quickly becoming a staple in our house. We’ve been making all sorts of vegetable hashes, breakfast hashes, or just plain sweet potato fries.  They are easy to prepare and are super filling. Plus, they are supposed to be good for you (or so they say), so they can counteract some of those desserts we’re all eating this holiday season.

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Crockpot Beef Stew

This past weekend, the weather finally got really cold. This means that it is now officially crock pot stew time. I don’t normally like to cook red meat at home, but this is a very easy way to do it. We bought the beef stew meat at Trader Joe’s and it came cut in the perfect small stew pieces, therefore, making this stew very easy to make. So next time the temperature dips down low, grab these ingredients and make this stew!

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