French Bread

So as you may have guessed based on the title of my blog, I enjoy French food. All it took was a trip to Paris, and I am now forever in love with French baked goods. Croissants, baguettes, and many many more items.

And yet, it has taken me until now to make my own French baguette. But now that I have done it, I plan to keep trying different recipes and learning all of the different variations.

This one, has to be one of the easiest versions. And I definitely recommend it if you want some fresh bread to go along with dinner (we ended up turning some of it into garlic bread).

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Rosemary Olive Oil Bread

One of the most satisfying things to bake is always bread (at least for me). Dave was actually the one to request a rosemary bread, but I was more than happy to try one out. And I’m so glad I did, this was delicious and made a great addition to all of the soups I’ve been making lately.


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Cinnamon Swirl Bread

As you may have noticed, I love to make breakfast items. This may have to do with the fact that brunch is my favorite meal, but really I just love having delicious smells in the apartment on Sunday mornings. The following is one of my most recent endeavors. And I have to say, it was one of the messier ones.

I tend to find a lot of my recipes on Pinterest. I love this because it helps introduce me to new things that I wouldn’t otherwise think of. But there is a downside – people always manage to show perfect, beautiful pictures of their items, and this is not always easy to recreate. As many of you may have learned, a lot of the work in baking is not pretty, and quite often, your items do not end up quite as pretty as the ones in the picture. But this is ok. You have to learn to just keep going, because quite often, it all works out in the end.

For me, this was one of those situations. The bread was delicious, but I struggled to get it to look as nice as the recipe I adapted. But here’s the good news, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that those you’re sharing it with, enjoy it. So go on, get flour on your hands and apron, and make a mess of your kitchen!

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

If there is something that I have made most in my baking career, it is definitely banana bread. While yes I do love it, that is not why I end up making it all the time. Really, it comes down to the fact that I hate wasting food. And nine times out of ten, I (or my roommates in the past) do not get through all of the bananas before they go brown. My solution is to freeze them until I have enough to make banana bread (3-4).
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Whole Wheat Orange Bread

Growing up, I remember lots of homemade breads. There were some made by hand, then there was that time when my dad tried out a bread machine. But at some point, my mom got diagnosed with celiac disease and most of the homemade carbs had to stop.

After being deprived for years of that amazing smell of bread rising and then baking, I have brought back one of my favorites-whole wheat orange bread. You could say I am a little obsessed. I give it as a house warming gift, I’ve given it as a get well gift, and really I just look for any excuse to make it. The bread has just enough sweet that all you need to do is toast it and spread a little butter on top.  It’s perfect with a big cup of coffee or a smoothie in the morning before work.

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