Rosemary Butter Cookies

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to post a cookie that would be perfect to make for loved ones and friends. Most of the cookie recipes I post are just oozing with sweetness (if you hadn’t figured it out yet, I love everything sweet). But these are much simpler, with just a hint of sweetness. They are a twist on the traditional shortbread cookies. I decorated them with red sprinkles to help give them a festive feel, but you could also just use clear decorative sugar if you’d like them to be simpler. If you want the more traditional Valentine’s Day cookie, see my post from last year!


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Honey and Chocolate Chunk Cookies

In the last year or so, I’ve started using honey a lot more in my day to day baking and cooking. I throw it in salad dressings, oatmeal, smoothies, and pies. But up to this point, I hadn’t tried it in a chocolate chip cookie. These cookies were perfect for a dessert where I was serving a bunch of different kinds of cookies because they’re small, almost bite size, and simple. They’re also incredibly easy to make!

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Raspberry Macaroons

So these were actually a special request from my friend Sarah. And since Sarah graciously helped me with the redesign of this blog, I figured I had to make something when she requested it. Plus, I needed to make a dessert while I was home in CA, and since these are gluten free, it was perfect. And oh dear. I am so glad Sarah requested these because they are amazing!! I don’t always love raspberries in desserts, but for some reason they go so well with the coconut! Also, these are so simple, especially if you have a food processor.

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Chewy Chocolate Molasses Cookies

So you know my stance on cookies. The chewier the better. I do, however, make an exception for mollasses or ginger cookies. But now I’ve found a delicious chocolate molasses cookie that is chewy, so no more exceptions.


And here’s a little hint for when you make these, TRY the dough. It’s seriously amazing.
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Lemon Drop Cookies

This year I have really gotten into making anything with lemons. I just love the smell of fresh squeezed lemons and zest. Although I like lemon bars, I always find them to be messy. So in an effort to find something similar to a lemon bar, but that could transport well, I tried these. Although they were not quite what I expected (not as strong of a lemon flavor, and they were much doughier than I expected), my coworkers and I really enjoyed them.My coworkers got to enjoy these because a genius in our office had the great idea to set up our March Madness pool so that instead of paying money to enter, all of the losers had to bring in a baked good. I obviously was a loser, so this was my contribution.

Good Old Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s nothing more satisfying than a simple, no-frills chocolate chip cookie. People often try to gussy up their cookies, and I’m not saying those are bad because they’re in fact quite good, but there’s still something satisfying about a simple gooey chocolate chip cookie. You’ll note that I say gooey. I’m a firm believer that chocolate chip cookies should not be crunchy. It’s all about achieving the perfect consistency between still being cookie dough and then being overcooked. It’s something I’ve tried hard to perfect.

So after trying lots of different cookie recipes, I’ve decided the Nestle one (yep the one that comes on the back of the chocolate chip bag) is the best. When I’ve brought cookies to people after using the Nestle recipe, I always get way better feedback than I do when I use other recipes. I guess it makes sense that Nestle would have perfected the chocolate chip cookie, but it still somehow surprises me that we all look for the perfect recipe, buy books dedicated solely to chocolate chip cookies, and then the one on the chocolate chip bag still ends up tasting the best.

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

When it comes to sugar cookies, there are good ones and bad ones. My favorite happen to be the ones you find in a grocery store that are light and fluffy, and a little bit thicker.

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make cookies for everyone I know here in DC and had looked at tons of recipes trying to find one that would give me this perfect end product. I ended up settling on the “Olinger family recipe” with a few small tweaks. My coworker had brought her family cookies in at the holidays, and I had fond memories. And I wasn’t let down! They were a big hit!


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Ginger Cookie Sandwiches with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

After spending all of January baking, and then planning to do a lot of Valentine’s baking this week, I decided to take this past weekend off. I wanted a break from having desserts in the apartment. But an early morning Sunday Pinterest session put an end to this plan. I saw a picture of these cookies and just had to have them (it didn’t help that I happened to have all of the necessary ingredients in my kitchen already). I was also planning to go to a Super Bowl party that evening. And here’s the thing about these parties, everyone always focuses on the wings, the dips, and all of the other salty delicious treats. But you also need a dessert. After all that salt, you’re going to want something sweet. And I’d like to say, I was the only person to bring a dessert this year and last year (and my cookies were gone REAL fast!).

The original recipe used buttercream, but I actually detest buttercream. It seems like a cheap substitute for the more flavorful cream cheese frosting. And since I happened to have some cream cheese and lemon leftover from a previous baking adventure, I made a change. I also added a couple of decorative additions, which made these cookies seem much more festive. They’d be great for a birthday party or Valentines Day! If you’re the type who doesn’t like frosting (although I have to say, I don’t understand you people), the cookies were delicious by themselves. They’re soft and chewy with a ton of flavor.
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Holiday Cookies – Part 2

These double chocolate peppermint cookies are a bit of a legend in my house. My mom makes them every winter, and quite often, a good chunk of the dough doesn’t even ever get baked because my brother and I eat it before it ever hits a cookie sheet.


In order to earn the name “double chocolate,” these cookies require a LOT of chocolate. This does make them a bit time intensive (and expensive), but this year I tried using the Cuisinart to replace some of the chopping, and I have to say, I think they’re just as delicious.
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Time for Some Holiday Cookies – Part 1

So it’s that time of year where we all eat way too many cookies and treats in honor of the upcoming holidays. I decided to contribute by making cookie plates for all of my friends, co-workers, and the other people I wanted to thank. The list got kind of long and I ended up doing five different kinds of cookies (with four of the recipes doubled). I might have been a bit too ambitious because it ended up taking nine hours. But oh well. They all turned out well and I made so many that we had lots of leftovers! I made chocolate hazelnut crinkle cookies, seven layer bars, Mexican wedding cookies, double chocolate peppermint cookies, and cranberry streusel shortbread bars.


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